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Margarita Shaposhnikova

Margarita Shaposhnikova

Margarita Shaposhnikova —

Margarita Shaposhnikova is a Soviet and Russian clarinettist and saxophonist. She currently holds the position of a professor at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music.

Shaposhnikova studied clarinet at the Saratov Conservatory, and in the 1960s, she started mastering saxophone. She began performing in the early 1970s. In 1973, a saxophone class was established in the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music at her initiative. 

Since then, Margarita Shaposhnikova has been a jury member and chairman of various competitions. She also became the top manager of such events as the annual festival “Saxophone Days in Moscow” and an international contest for jazz musicians “Saxophone Voice in the Modern World”.

Shaposhnikova was named the People’s Artist of Russia. She has written multiple handbooks and articles about music. Margarita has taught many honoured musicians. Her current repertoire includes classic compositions as well as those written by modern composers and dedicated to her.

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